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Min. balance to start service is $40.00. $100 credit requires an initial payment of at least $75. The $100 credit is paid in installments of $10 every 30 days for 10 months. Service must be maintained for 180 days or all promotion credits will be charged back to the account.

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About Tech Electricity & Payless Power*

  • Tech Electricity is a contracting agent of Payless Power
  • Payless Power is a 100% USA-based company
  • Payless Power is located in Fort Worth, Texas

Affiliates of Payless Power have been in business for since approximately 2005 offering pre-paid telephone service all across the country. Although originally specializing in telephone service, a few years ago the owners of Payless Power began offering the energy product in the Texas area. Their mission is to provide our customers with convenient, affordable energy and world-class customer service.

How Payless Power Billing Works

Payless Power bills on meter reads from 2 days in arrears.
What does this mean?

For example the invoice you receive on Wednesday morning will be for Monday's usage. We receive your meter reading for Monday's usage on Tuesday afternoon and bill Wednesday. If you would like more information on how this works or to discuss our convenient FlexPay option, please call 888-620-3785.

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* Tech Electricity is a contracting agent for Young Energy, LLC dba Payless Power. Under an agreement, Tech Electricity provides customer referrals for electric service. Tech Electricity is not owned, owned by, controlled, controlled by or otherwise affiliated with Young Energy, LLC dba Payless Power, except as described in this paragraph. Tech Electricity does not sell electricity, is not a Retail Electric Provider as onthat term is defined under PUC Substantive Rule No. 25, and is not certified by the Public Utilities Commission to sell electricity to retail customers in Texas – only a Retail Electric Provider certified by the PUC may sell electricity to retail customers in Texas. The complete listing of PUC Substantive Rules can be found at

Young Energy, LLC dba Payless Power is a Retail Electric Provider certified by the Public Utilities Commission of Texas (Certificate No. 10110). Payless Power makes no representation regarding the character and completeness of the information which may be disclosed on this web site. Information regarding Payless Power, its products and services can be found at where you can obtain important standardized information that will allow you to compare Payless Power products with other offers..